Jasminum Mesnyi, Japanese Jasmine, Primrose Jasmine


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Jasminum Mesnyi, Primrose Jasmine, Yellow Jasmine

Jasminum Mesnyi is one of the true yellow Jasmine. One of the local nurseries has a Jasminum Mesnyi that has been grown into more of a tree with roots grown around a large rock, of all the Jasmine varieties I’ve seen this one has the best Bonsai uses. While most websites report Jasminum Mesnyi as being fragrant, I do not smell even the slightest hint of fragrance…maybe I hit it at the wrong time, after a rain perhaps. New growth is soft but becomes woody after a season. Jasminum Mesnyi with its strong woody base and lack of fragrance is clearly more of an ornamental plant.

Jasminum Mesnyi, Primrose Jasmine, Yellow JasmineJasminum Mesnyi is frost tolerant even seams to do well outside during the winter, but bring it in on the freezing nights anyways, and it can grow to 9 feet tall and wide, if left to grow it will form into a large “mound”. Occasional pruning will not only make it look better but will help it grow full and bushy. Growing Jasminum Mesnyi is easy, plant your Jasminum Mesnyi in the ground or a pot, with good soil drainage (but still holds moisture) in partial to full sun, and fertilize with a good compost or chicken manure. Water regularly.

As far as I can tell Jasminum Mesnyi is not used for any other medicinal, perfume or food purposes. Though is has no known purpose other than as an ornamental, Jasminum Mesnyi is beautiful & a must have for Jasmine Gardeners!