Jasminum Multiflorum, Downy Jasmine, Indian Jasmine


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Jasminum Multiflorum, Downy Jasmine, Indian Jasmine

Jasminum Multiflorum is a true Jasmine with 8 lobed white flowers and is very fragrant! If grown in good conditions the star shaped flowers can sometimes cover the entire plant, leaving very few leaves visible. Jasminum Multiflorum smells pleasant, slightly similar to Jasminum Tortuosum and is strong. Many people incorrectly refer to Jasminum Multiflorum as “Star Jasmine”, when in fact if this were true every Jasmine would be called a “Star Jasmine”.

Jasminum Multiflorum, Downy Jasmine, Indian JasmineFrom what I have read from other sources this entire plant has medicinal properties. The most of which are related to digestive problems. It is my assumption that one of the properties of the leaves of this plant are that they taste bitter, and when we taste something bitter the body thinks it’s being poisoned and produces excess digestive acid which can cure many problems, including the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat.

Jasminum Multiflorum is pretty easy to grow, but it is a kind of slow grower. As with other types of true Jasmine, Jasminum Multiflorum doesn’t like to be dried out for any length of time, and also does not like sitting in water but prefers moist soil that contains a decent amount of sand, wood chips and the like.

Jasminum Multiflorum, Downy Jasmine, Indian JasmineAs the plant has medicinal properties, and as with many Jasminum varieties, I would assume that the flowers would be ok to eat, put in tea, etc. Jasminum Multiflorum is also used in the production of perfumes, the oils extracted have a very unique scent.

Jasminum Multiflorum is a must have for Jasmine gardeners or fragrance gardeners!