Jasminum Tortuosum, African Jasmine, Twisted Jasmine


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Jasminum Tortuosum Flowers

Jasminum Tortuosum is a true Jasmine species with white flowers from South Africa, a vine that can grow to heights of 25 feet. I’ll be blunt, the fragrance smells like old people! It’s not a bad smell, it just makes me think, “This is what old people smell like”. I guess it’s called “Perfume Jasmine” for a reason – it’s used to scent perfumes that typically older people might wear. I would describe it not as sweet as Jasmine typically is, more of a sharp scent with a lower hint of musk, and directly from the flower it’s actually quite a pleasant change from the super sweet aroma of other Jasmine varieties. I have read that the fragrance goes well with citrus fragrances. I’ll have to try this someday when I get into the science of making my own perfumes.

My Jasminum Tortuosum had some flowers on it when I first received it in the mail and they were quite potent. It even developed a few new flower buds after the first flowers had fallen off, and they bloomed quite fast.

Jasminum Tortuosum FlowersLike most Jasmine, Jasminum Tortuosum is kind of a slow grower. I read on many sites that Jasminum Tortuosum is good down to 50°F but I believe it may still be ok as low as 42°F, at least for short periods of time (When outside temps get into the low 30’s outside, the huge single pain window that my plants are next to gets pretty cold). You typically want to keep your Jasminum Tortuosum somewhere 55°-70°F, you do not want to keep Jasminum Tortuosum in hot/humid 80°F temperatures. It needs variation in temperatures to stimulate it’s natural growth patterns during the seasons. For instance, if the plant does not go through a cool “Winter” phase, then it might not produce flower buds to bloom in the Spring. Most certainly Jasminum Tortuosum needs sunlight in order to produce flowers. If it does not get enough sunlight it will appear to go dormant and may even appear to stop growing. Through the winter Jasminum Tortuosum should become dormant though. Be careful placing these plants under hot light as this can burn the leaves. If this is the case the leaves of the Jasminum Tortuosum will become dry and crisp on the edges, and eventually the dryness will work it’s way in towards the body of the plant, killing leaves and branches as it goes. If you get some dead branches on your Jasminum Tortuosum you should cut them off.

You don’t need to water Jasminum Tortuosum every day, only water enough to prevent the soil from drying out. I put sand on top of the soil in the pot of my Jasminum Tortuosum. The area where the roots are should be moist. As with most plants don’t over water for fear of root rot! If you over water this plant you may get some early signs – new light green growth may fall off shortly after coming about, or stay light green in color for multiple weeks without growth. The light green growth is delicate and can break with just a small touch. If you are over watering and also under hot lamps you may quickly kill the new growth of Jasminum Tortuosum, if not the entire plant. It’s not really all that picky, these are just your common ‘don’t kill the plant’ tips.

I like this plant because of the pretty flowers, the fact that it’s a vine is neat because it can cover large areas, and the flowers are strong in fragrance, even if the smell does remind me of old people!