Passiflora, Passionflower


Posted by John Minton | Posted in Plants | Posted on 26-02-2014

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There are hundreds of variety of Passiflora, commonly known as Passionflower.  Passionflower is native to America and may also be known as Maypop or Apricot Vine. Most varieties are vines such as Passiflora Incarnata but Passiflora varieties may also come as shrubs or even trees. Many, but not all Passiflora, have edible fruit and medicinal uses. Passiflora has been around for a very long time cultivated by Native American Indians even before the 1400’s. Archaeologists have found Passiflora seeds that were thousands of years old at some sites. The flowers are very showy and elegant, providing a tropical feel to any garden with a multitude of colors. Passiflora is certainly one of the most amazing plants for creative gardeners to have.

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