Osmanthus Fragrans, Sweet Olive


Posted by John Minton | Posted in Plants | Posted on 05-10-2013

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Osmanthus Fragrans, commonly known as Sweet Olive, is an evergreen shrub or small tree. Osmanthus Fragrans naturally grows up to 30 feet tall, but will remain in a smaller shrub size if grown in a container. This is one of the most amazing scented plants I grow. I enjoy it even more so than varieties of Privet or Lilac as Osmanthus Fragrans flowers last for months at a time, they are less allergenic and heavily blooms at a different time of the year than many of the plants I grow. The Osmanthus Fragrans flowers smell like a combination of perfectly ripe mouth watering peaches, apricots and vanilla. Just amazingly mouth watering and sweet.

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