Eugenia aromatica, Clove


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Eugenia Aromatica is the much sought after Clove tree. It’s the tree you get the Clove spice from! I’ve been dying to grow my own clove trees for some time but it’s been hard to find seeds for sale and when I have found them they have been very expensive. The thing is, Clove trees don’t exactly grow in the USA, but as my natural curiosity far out weighs any common sense, I gave in and bought Clove seeds November 2012 from Fruit Lovers website. I followed their directions, immediately plants the seeds in sterile potting soil, keeping the seeds at approx 85°F during the day and 75°F at night in my laundry room. I lost 5 of 6 seeds, from what I can tell to rotting, and 1 that grew well. It has taken a little longer than anticipated for the one seed to take root and in the end I lost the Clove tree over the Winter.

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Mimosa, Silk Tree, Albizia Julibrissin


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Albizia Julibrissin is probably better known as a Mimosa tree or Persian Silk Tree. Mimosa is a beautiful fern-like tree with fragrant 2 inch pink pompom type flowers that produce seed pods in the winter months. Mimosa trees can reach 30 to 40 feet tall. The smell brings back many childhood memories, it’s a summer blooming tree – in the heavy heat and sun – about May through September.

Popular Star Jasmine Varieties


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The common name “Star Jasmine” typically refers to Trachelospermum Jasminoides, a Jasmine-like plant. But often the term Star Jasmine means any Jasmine-like plant. Here is a list of Jasmine (Jasminum) or Jasmine-like (False Jasmine) plants that are commonly known as Star Jasmine.



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Jasminum Polyanthum


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Jasminum Polyanthum is among my favorite Jasmine! It is an evergreen twining vine that can reach more than 25ft tall. In areas like San Francisco it can bloom through out the year, Spring and Summer in most other areas. Covered in pink-white flowers that you can smell from a distance, the mouth watering fragrance is very enticing. The flowers are in fact edible! This is one of the easiest plants to maintain with occasional pruning. It may become invasive, it’s best grown in pots or containers.

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