Acer Saccharum, Maple Tree, Maple Syrup


Posted by John Minton | Posted in Plants | Posted on 11-06-2012

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Acer Saccharum is one of the varieties of Maple Tree that you can get Maple Syrup from! It’s one of the neatest trees I have growing in my back yard right now even though this is only their second season from seed. Like most Maples it grows beautiful green leaves in the Spring that turn to lovely shades of reds, yellows, oranges and browns in the fall – bringing color and character to an otherwise plain and boring yard. They make excellent shade trees with their thick and full crown of leaves – many other Maples prefer to sit in part shade but the Acer Saccharum prefers more sunlight. As long as you water it during the hot Summer months when it’s younger, it should do just fine. When it’s older you probably won’t have to water at all. Acer Saccharum is very tolerant of many conditions which makes it ideal for use in suburban developments. In fact, Acer Saccharum Maple Tree will grow in nearly any soil except straight sand and will tolerate climates with snow on the ground…in fact a little snow is beneficial – I’ll explain in a little bit.

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