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Posted by John Minton | Posted in Uncategorized | Last Updated July 16, 2014

Welcome to Garden of Tomorrow, a gardeners blog dedicated to the edible, fragrant and only the most beautiful plants I can get my hands on. My name is John Minton and I started gardening January of 2010, when I was 22 years old.

If you are new to gardening, you know there is a lot of room for error especially when you look something up online and you get information that isn’t accurate. When I first started gardening I looked up Jasmine and found that not only are there over 230 different types of Jasmine, but some of the “Jasmine” plants I have already purchased were in fact not jasmine at all, some were even poisonous…

Have you ever wondered what Jasmine plant you can make tea out of? Well be careful because that Yellow Carolina Jasmine is poisonous and even honey made from it can make you sick. In fact the Carolina Yellow Jasmine is not a Jasmine at all, it’s called Gelsemium Sempervirens. There are so many plants out there, that resorting to a Latin nomenclature is the most accurate, yet we also have common names for plants and often we name the wrong plants after what they most resemble famous of the plant world. The Yellow Carolina Jasmine is not from the Jasminum family – it’s not a jasmine – yet it smells wonderful like Jasmine typically do, hence it’s commonly called a Jasmine. Using the proper nomenclature for specific plants is mission critical, as well, using common names makes it much easier for people to find a common plant in their area, but there is a reasonable margin of error. While the Yellow Carolina Jasmine may be poisonous, your Jasminum Officinale is edible, and so are a handful more variety from the Jasminum family.

Garden Of Tomorrow started to form in my mind – a site run by a gardener, someone who does their own research, goes out and tries the information and gives first hand advice, first hand experience with the specific plants themselves is important -because of that one can tell you things about a plant that no one else can. Not just accurate information but pertinent information. I like to collect variations of plants, different cultivars, flavors, and colors. These collections give me a sense of satisfaction and completeness, a worthy task for city folk longing for more than just pretty plastic flowers in their lives. I have a burning desire for sweet fragrant flowers. There is nothing like a tree full of Cherry blossoms to make life seam magical, to bring you back to your natural habitat, there is nothing like a fresh peach right off the branch.

I do intend to sell plants, seeds and anything else I have in my garden along the way,  don’t be afraid to ask if I have something available. In the mean time, I’ve also resorted to unobtrusive Google Ads and useful plant products from Amazon. Making purchases or checking out ads helps me cover my online costs.

I also have a mailing list (down at the moment). After signing up for the mailing list, I will email you when a new post is added to the site. That’s it! I don’t always have funds to buy new plants, so sometimes I don’t post for a few weeks, the mailing list can be a good way to keep up when I post new content. I don’t spam, sell or share your information and I have yet to email something other than my posts.

Welcome to Garden Of Tomorrow, I strive to bring you information on the most awesome plants I can find. Thanks for checking the site out, I hope you enjoy your stay and will come by again in the future.

UPDATE: I have been learning about mushrooms! No, not the magical ones that make you see things that aren’t there. I mean the edible food ones – like Oysters, Morels, and Shiitake! Since they are edible, very nutritious and have some amazing medicinal properties I think they should fit right in here. For more information on Mushrooms take a look at the Fungi Category.